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Love the skin you're in with a 

 A Goddess Glow 

About The Owner

The C.E.O.

Hello HoneyBees, I am Tya Ray and I am the proud owner of Lavishing Honey, a body, skin and hair care company in Georgia. I love myself and I love every part of me, from my hair to my skin to my body. If you're like me, and love every part of you, I'm here to help you glow with self love. I know I am far from perfect, and I also know that self love comes from within and it comes from what you put on your body, what your put in your body, and how you treat yourself etc. Together we will build self confidence to love the skin you're in with a goddess glow.

Send me an enquiry via our contact page.

Social Media:

Instagram: Lifeof_tya

Snapchat: x_lovetya

Twitter: iamher_tya

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