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Join our affiliate and creators' program

Are you passionate about our products? Join our affiliate and creators' program. Share your personal experiences with our exceptional products. Whether you're a beauty enthusiast or a content creator, seize this opportunity to become a valued member of our growing community and access exclusive benefits.


  • Access to new arrival products

  • Discount codes for your followers

  • Free shipping

What are we looking for?

LHA Creator - The LHA Creator Program is tailor-made to inspire customers to craft content incorporating our products into their daily routines. It's not restricted to influencers; it welcomes all customers who share a passion for our brand and products.

Through this initiative, our goal is to spotlight the genuine experiences and narratives of our customers. By integrating our products into your everyday routines and sharing your encounters through user-generated content, you assist us in illustrating the versatility and advantages of our offerings.

As an active member of our LHA Creator Program, you'll have the chance to demonstrate how our products effortlessly blend into your lifestyle. Whether it's skincare routine, integrating our products into your wellness routines, or any other pertinent context, your content will offer valuable insights and inspiration to those seeking to integrate our products into their daily lives.

Affiliate Marketing - Our affiliate program presents the chance to endorse our products and driving sales via your exclusive referral links, you'll. As an affiliate, you can harness your promotional endeavors to attract visitors and prompt customers to make purchases on our website. Whenever a customer completes a purchase through your referral link or custom promotional code, you will earn points to receive free products.

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